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Fluoride Treatment: Importance, Process, Cost & Advantages

May 1, 2023

Achieving a healthy, beautiful smile involves several dental procedures. Most of them focus on preventing or treating tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are one of the most straightforward methods to prevent or reverse caries. Read on to learn about getting fluoride treatment in this blog.

What is Fluoride and Fluoride Treatment?

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Fluoride is an inorganic, naturally occurring mineral that is soluble in water. It can be found in water, soil, and some plants. When ingested in water or foods, it is absorbed in the gut and stored in your bones and teeth. Therefore, it helps build strong teeth and bones.

However, the amounts of fluoride found in water or plants are inadequate for your teeth. As a result, dental professionals have developed a procedure to introduce extra fluoride into your teeth. They do this through a fluoride treatment procedure in the dental office. It involves applying a high concentration of fluoride to the patient’s teeth.

What are the Reasons for Getting a Fluoride Treatment?

Human teeth are prone to decay and cavities. Our mouths contain bacteria helpful in the digestion process. However, these bacteria can combine with food particles in your mouth to form a sticky film called plaque. When you brush and floss correctly, plaque clears. However, when you do not, it builds up to form plaque which is harder to remove.

Tartar contains acids that erode the tooth enamel. This leads to the formation of small holes in teeth named cavities. These holes become more extensive with time. They lead to pain, sensitivity, and other debilitating symptoms. If they remain untreated, they lead to eventual tooth loss.

Fluoride treatments by our dentist in 77611 help your teeth by:

  • Making them more resistant to acid attacks from oral bacteria and plaque.
  • Strengthening the tooth enamel and preventing the formation of more cavities.
  • Remineralizing the tooth reduces or eliminates sensitivity.
  • Reversing early cavities

What is the Step-by-Step Process of Getting Fluoride Treatment?

Here is the step-by-step process of getting fluoride treatment:

  • Our dentist in Bridge City, TX 77611 takes a highly concentrated form of fluoride. This can be in the form of gel, varnish or foam.
  • They then apply it on your teeth using a brush or swab.
  • You may also rinse your mouth using fluoride concentrated mouthwash.
  • The procedure takes a few minutes.
  • Afterwards you’ll have to wait between 30 minutes to 4 hours before taking hot drinks, hard foods or brushing your teeth. This will depend on the form of fluoride used. The time window helps your teeth absorb the fluoride.

What is the Cost of Getting Fluoride Treatment?

The average price of fluoride treatments ranges between $0 and $50. It is determined by the factors below:

  • Children usually receive free fluoride treatments in school.
  • Fluoride treatments are preventative. So, a large portion of the entire cost is covered by insurance.
  • The cost of fluoride treatments may be incorporated into the total dental cleaning fee.

What are the Benefits of Getting Fluoride Treatments?

When considering treatment, you must know its advantages. Fluoride treatments are beneficial to kids and adults. Some benefits of getting a fluoride treatment near you are highlighted below:

  • The treatments help people prone to tooth decay reduce the risk of cavities. They include people with dry mouth, restorations, gum disease, and a history of caries.
  • Fluoride treatments rebuild worn-down teeth enamel, eliminating sensitivity.
  • They prevent cavities by strengthening your teeth and making them resistant to acid attacks.
  • Fluoride treatments are fast, pain-free, and non-invasive.
  • You do not require sedatives or anesthesia during a fluoride treatment procedure.
  • The procedure saves you money by preventing tooth decay and its effects.

How Much Fluoride is Needed?

Fluoride is beneficial to your teeth if you get the correct amount. The quantity of fluoride you or your child needs depends on various factors. It varies from person to person. Therefore, you must visit a dentist for an assessment. They will determine the appropriate amount of fluoride and the number of treatments you need annually.

Before recommending fluoride treatments, your dentist will consider the following:

  • If you have a high risk of cavities
  • The quantity of fluoride in your tap water and the foods you consume
  • The current state of your teeth that is, whether you have cavities
  • Your age
  • The products containing fluoride you use at home daily.

According to experts, children from 2 years should start using fluoride toothpaste. However, their parents must supervise them to avoid ingesting excess fluoride. Fluoride treatments begin at around age three and continue until adulthood. Dentists recommend at least two sessions annually. However, they will recommend more frequent sessions when necessary.

Get Fluoride Treatment Near You

Fluoride treatments help prevent cavities and reduce tooth sensitivity. Visiting the dentist for the procedure goes a long way toward getting a healthy, attractive smile. Enjoy the benefits of getting fluoride treatment in Bridge City, TX by scheduling an appointment at Edgerly Dentistry. We will evaluate your teeth and the risk of cavities and then provide a fluoride treatment.