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Root Canal Therapy: Importance, Signs, Procedure & Benefits

March 6, 2023

What is a Root Canal?

Inside every tooth, there is a pulp chamber that houses the nerves and tissues that nourish the teeth. However, these can get damaged by an infection or repeated dental procedures.

Root canal therapy removes the infected tissue from the inside of the tooth. This treatment is done to save a tooth from extraction and also preserve your dental structure. In this procedure, a dentist will remove the diseased pulp from inside the tooth and then fill it with a sealant or filling material.


Why do you need Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a painless procedure that can save your tooth, prevent further infection and help keep you from having to go through the extraction process. Tooth removal is a permanent procedure that forces you to get costly dental procedures to replace lost teeth. Root canal therapy in Bridge City, TX, will preserve your teeth and dental structure.

What are the symptoms of an infected root canal?

If you have an infection in your root canal, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Severe toothache that doesn’t go away with painkillers
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Swelling and tenderness in your gums
  • A foul taste in your mouth
  • Bad breath
  • A small bump on your gumline

What is the Root Canal Procedure?

  • Examination and numbing of the gums

Your dentist will take an x-ray before the treatment to see if there are any problems with your tooth, such as decay or infection. He will also perform a comprehensive medical and drug history.

The second step of the procedure is to numb the tooth and surrounding tissues. Local anesthesia helps to relax your mouth and prevents you from feeling any discomfort during the process.

  • Opening the crown

A small access hole will be made on top of the tooth to reach the canals and remove infected oral tissues. The nerve and infected tissue are removed from the root canal. Then, special dental instruments are used to clean out all debris inside your mouth, including decay-causing bacteria that may have taken root in your gums or jawbone (osteomyelitis).

They may also place an antibiotic injection into your gums if there are signs of infection at this point in treatment.

  • Filling of the Canals

Once the root canal is cleaned, your dentist near Orangefield will fill it with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This helps keep bacteria out of the root canal and keeps your tooth healthy.

Your dentist will seal it using a special covering called composite resin. This covering seals off the opening of your tooth so that no more food or debris can get into it.

  • Fixing the temporary filling

Finally, your dentist will seal off the access hole with a temporary filling to protect it from bacteria until you visit again for a final restoration (such as a crown).

After the endodontic treatment, you may experience pain, soreness, and swelling. These problems are clear with time, but it is recommended to visit a family dentist near you if they persist.

What are the benefits of treating a root canal infection?

  • Root canal treatment can relieve the pain and discomfort associated with an infected tooth.
  • Save your natural tooth: Root canal treatment allows you to keep your natural tooth rather than having it extracted.
  • Prevents further damage to your tooth: An infected tooth can continue to damage the surrounding teeth and bone if left untreated. Root canal treatment stops this damage from happening.
  • Maintaining your smile: Keeping your natural teeth means maintaining your smile.
  • Eat the foods you love: Once the infection is gone, you can eat all the foods you love without worry or pain.
  • Improved oral health: By keeping your natural teeth, you are also improving your oral health.

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Root canal therapy is a painless, fast, and effective way to save your tooth from further damage. If you have been experiencing any of the signs discussed above, visit Edgerly Dentistry for proper treatment.