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Emergency Dentistry
in Bridge City, TX

If you're like most people, you won't consider where to go for emergency dental care until you're in the middle of one. Our emergency dentists in Bridge City, TX are aware of your situation. Edgerly Dentistry sets aside time in our calendar to accommodate people who require immediate dental care. Give us a call if you're looking for emergency dentistry near you, and we'll get you in to visit one of our emergency dentists as quickly as possible.

Common Emergency Dentistry Services

Most people who contact us for emergency dental care are looking for tooth pain relief or an emergency tooth repair. If a patient is in agony and cannot wait until next week for treatment, they should contact one of our emergency dentists near you.

Emergency Dentistry

We also visit patients for emergency care when they need to act quickly before things grow worse. Our emergency dental clinic can provide any of the dental services listed below. We go into further detail about the lesser common emergency dental services.

  • Fixing a broken orthodontic device
  • Extracting a tooth
  • Addressing a knocked-out tooth
  • Treatment of a tooth infection
  • Repair of cracked or damaged teeth
  • Treating severe tooth pain
  • Replacement of lost or loose fillings

Teeth Grinding

When a tooth becomes fractured or chipped due to grinding your teeth, you may require emergency dental care. Grinding teeth with a high level of pressure can damage teeth and wear away enamel. Our emergency dentist can help you repair any tooth damage and prevent future tooth damage from grinding behaviors.

Sinus Pressure

You may experience an unpleasant pressure in your sinuses caused by your teeth. Sinus pain and dental health are frequently connected. Edgerly Dentistry will analyze and diagnose the root of your sinus issues so that you can get the treatment you need.

Tooth Abscess

When an infection develops below the tooth, you may develop a tooth or gum abscess. This potentially serious infection can enter the jaw and spread throughout the body. If you have an abscessed tooth or gum, you should seek emergency dental care right once.

Visit an Emergency Dentist Near You

Are you in need for emergency dental care in Bridge City, TX? Call our emergency dentist or book your appointment with Edgerly Dentistry now!


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