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Root Canal Therapy
in Bridge City, TX

Why Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. When a tooth gets infected or injured, root canal therapy near you at Edgerly Dentistry can often save it. Your tooth may appear to be one solid piece, but it comprises several layers.

The crown and the root are the two main components of your tooth. The crown is the visible component of the tooth. The tooth's root is the component of the tooth that is beneath the gum line in the jaw bone.

Root Canal Therapy

Dental Pulp The pulp chamber is located on the crown’s interior, continuing through the root canal to the root tip. One or more root canals may exist in each root. The dental pulp, which is made up of nerves and blood vessels and reaches the tip of each root, is contained in the root canals.

Treatment is required by Edgerly Dentistry’s dentists in Bridge City, TX when the pulp tissue becomes infected or irritated. The root canal therapy procedure involves the removal of infected or injured tooth pulp from the canal.

Steps for Root Canal Therapy

  • You may require one or more dental visits for root canal therapy. To save your tooth, our dentist or endodontist will take the following steps: Your tooth has been numbed for your convenience.
  • A dental dam, a thin, flexible sheet of latex or non-latex material, is placed over your teeth to keep them dry.
  • The pulp chamber is opened through a hole in the tooth’s crown. The pulp of your tooth is taken from the pulp chamber and the canals of each root.
  • Each root canal is cleaned and disinfected to be filled. A rubber-like substance fills the tooth to seal the root canals.
  • A temporary filling is placed in your tooth’s root canal to prevent infection. Finally, our dentists near you will remove the temporary filling and replace it with a crown or a permanent filling to restore the tooth’s function and shape while also improving its appearance. If you had the operation done by an endodontist, you should see your general dentist for this phase.

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