Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
in Bridge City, TX

Would you like to get your teeth whitened by several shades in one afternoon? Professional teeth whitening near you at Edgerly Dentistry can help you erase discoloration from everyday life as well as interior stains that no at-home solution can remove.

Whitening your teeth has never been easier or more successful, but if you're used to using at-home kits, you might be surprised by what a professional cosmetic surgery can do for you from our cosmetic dentists in Bridge City, TX.

Teeth Whitening

What to Expect During a Professional Teeth Whitening Appointment

  • It all starts with using a lip retractor by our dentist or dental hygienist to keep your mouth open wide during the process. A portion at the back of the retractor allows you to bite down and relax your jaw muscles.
  • In addition, gauze is placed in your mouth to keep things dry. Next, the hygienist goes to work protecting your gums, lips, and inner cheeks with a wide-open mouth. Your hygienist applies a rubber dam to your gums that they gently paint on. The dam shields your sensitive gum tissue from hydrogen peroxide to prevent damage and limit sensitivity.
  • You’re ready to begin bleaching now that the barriers are in place. The activation of the gel is one of the ways in-office treatments differ from those purchased at home. Removable stains will gradually whiten using your at-home kit.
  • A light or laser is utilized in Edgerly Dentistry to activate the gel and offer immediate results. Our dentists use a brush to apply the gel to your teeth. They’ll turn on the light or laser and target it directly at the gel once they’re done.
  • The light changes the oxygen in the gel, causing it to dive deep beneath your enamel to reach your color pigments. You sit under the light for around 20 minutes. The hygienist removes the bleach from your teeth after 20 minutes is done. They then apply a new coat to prepare you for the next cycle.
  • During your treatment, you’ll most likely go through three to four 20-minute rounds. The exact number is determined by the system selected, the gel strength, and the current color of your teeth compared to the shade you desire.

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