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Traditional Braces
in Bridge City, TX

Thanks to new technology and materials used in modern dentistry, including those used by our dentist in Bridge City, TX, patients now have more options than ever to straighten their teeth. You may have heard about clear aligners and wonder whether they have replaced the need for traditional braces. The answer is that they have not. Metal braces may still be the best option for some patients. When you visit Edgerly Dentistry for your smile makeover, we'll ensure you have the information you need about clear aligners and traditional braces so you can make the choice that is smartest for your goals and budget.

Traditional Braces

Five Reasons to Consider Traditional Braces Near You

Although aligners and traditional braces can correct many of the same smile concerns, there are advantages to metal or clear braces that you should consider. These include:

  • Traditional braces can often work quicker than other treatment options.
  • Traditional braces are often less expensive than other treatment options.
  • Traditional braces are more durable than other treatment options.
  • Traditional braces take the guesswork out of timing concerns.
  • Traditional braces treat the same smile concerns as aligner therapy.

Traditional braces can treat the same smile concerns as aligner therapy in an often more efficient manner because metal braces exert a steady pressure on specific teeth that gradually shift them to their new position.

Although treatment times for each patient will be unique to their goals, traditional metal braces therapy is sometimes completed in as little as one year. Patients may need to wear their metal braces for three years in more complex cases. When you visit us for your smile assessment, Dr. Edgerly will develop a customized treatment plan that compares aligner therapy with traditional braces so that you can decide which treatment protocol will best meet your goals.

The Takeaway About Traditional Braces

If you are looking for teeth straightening solutions in Bridge City, TX, you might discover that traditional braces from our dentist near you at Edgerly Dentistry make the most sense. We can also provide Invisalign® treatment for patients only interested in clear aligner therapy. Call us or book your appointment with us now!


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